July 16, 2017: The blog has had some great contributors over the past few months, but no commenters, so we are suspending it for the moment, while we investigate other, better formats for communicating with the Journal’s readers. You are still welcome to browse the existing entries. Many thanks for visiting us!

With the support of the editors of Series B and blessings of the Research Section of the Royal Statistical Society, we are starting a blog on the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series B.  This means opening here a new media for open discussions and comments on the papers published in Series B, as well as statistical methodology, theory, and applications, the editorial choices of the journal, and wider statistical issues.

In the following, the first link connects to blog entries related with the associated issue of the Journal, while the second link leads to the Journal table of contents. Please check the About link for instructions on how to submit comments and posts, as well as Contact for sending posts to the seriesBEditor. Or send an email to the gmail.com address of seriesBblog.

Volume 79
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Volume 78
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